Welcome to my blog. I make a lot of smoothies and I take a lot of photos. I'm on a constant journey of self-improvement.



This will be my first post on The Healthy Tray's new blog! Exciting times! It also probably means no one is scrabbling to read this. I better tell my family to get on it. 
I've never really written a blog, I've always wanted to, and I have tried a couple of times, just never kept it up. That's about to change though! 
I'm no writing genius, so apologies if I make any grammatical or silly writing errors. I do enjoy writing though, so I hope that the content will be fun and worthwhile to read. My style of writing will probably emerge at some point. For now, I'd like to keep it casual and light hearted, like I'm talking to you. So you will probably see a few 'Haha's' and smiley faces. Although, not half as much as on Instagram ;)
As of writing, I have 3 categories to blog under; 'Health', 'Personal Development' and 'My life'. 'Health' will consist of health news, ways to improve ones health, diet tips and recipes. 'Personal Development' will be all about self-improvement, I'll include stories and examples of how I personally put these into practise. Finally, 'My life' will be filled with personal stories as a sort of diary type thing. I'll always try to find a lesson within these stories to make them a valuable read.
I try to post every day on Instagram, and I'm afraid that I won't quite be able to do that. I'm going to start off by posting once a week then I hope to crank it up to one post for both 'Health' and 'Personal Development'. We shall see eh ;)
I should probably get back to making my breakfast, which of course, you'll be seeing on Instagram. If you have any feedback in the future, please comment or send me an email! I'll always get back to you.
Have a great day wherever you are!