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Everyday, thousands of people start new diets and everyday people give up. They give up because it’s hard. They give up because they’re not seeing results. Ultimately, they give up because it’s not ‘working’ like the guy in the video with a six pack said it had worked for him. In this post I want to clarify a simple concept; you’re not that guy in the video.

Say we have 100 people, they all start the same diet with the same goal. 
4 days in, we lose the real wimps and we’re down to 80 people, they just couldn’t hack it. 
A week later, 60 people are still hanging in there. Looking for results, persevering. 
As we go through the weeks, more and more people drop out, for various reasons… Lack of willpower, unrealistic expectations, bad habits, fear of failure, their environment… The list goes on. 
Anyway, we’ve got 20 people left, 3 of them have seen good results and have decided to end it there. The last 17 are still working hard, with steely will. However, they’re chugging on, not seeing that much change. And everyday they’re dreading following the diet. Everyday they question why they’re not at peak health? Why the diet isn’t working properly? Why are they all getting different results?

There’s a simple answer, an answer that no one wants to accept.

Everyone is different.

Everyone’s bodies are different, everyones genetics are different. There’s a reason why personal trainers get such good results with their clients, because it’s personal! These ‘cookie cutter’ diets just aren’t the holy grail for £79 that they’re promoted to be. If you want good results and not to hate life while getting them, you need to explore yourself. Honestly, I’m not trying to sound zen. It’s just that without knowing what works for you, you can spend a lot of money and frustrated time following these diets only to quit because it’s not working.

Now I’m not saying that you won’t get results out of a static diet, that’s the whole point, I don’t know. What I am saying is, that if you want to get good results, you’d be best off evaluating your situation and experimenting. Experiment with your diet and lifestyle, see what brings the most results, see what doesn’t. I’m no doctor and I’m probably half your age, but it’s something I see people constantly avoiding and it gets tiresome when people ask ‘Why did it work for them and not me?’.

What I want you to get out of this rambling is that if you experiment and find out what works best and what yields results, then you’ll be a lot more successful. And it’s not all about the results, anyone with enough time and dedication can get results, but it’s about doing it in a way that fits your situation/lifestyle and in the easiest possible way for you. By experimenting and working out what you respond to best, you'll be able to make yourself your own personalised diet, that gets YOU what you're after. 
EXPERIMENT! Self awareness is a powerful thing.