Welcome to my blog. I make a lot of smoothies and I take a lot of photos. I'm on a constant journey of self-improvement.


Up until last night, there was no doubt in my mind that being ill was a sign of weakness and that I wasn't doing something right or not eating the right things. I've always believed in the possibility of a bullet proof immune system, perhaps a little fantasy of mine. While I still hold my belief, I was having a conversation about illness and I was slightly taken aback by the opinion of my host - I just hadn't heard it before. He said that he believes that illness* is healthy (obviously to some extent) and that it has to occur and that we should accept it as a process to making us healthier. He referred to a transformation process and how illness might actually help purify the body and mind.
My host is a very interesting man, an painter, pianist and a great mind, and so I think I payed much more attention to his opinion. To me, it actually makes some sense. I mean, obviously being ill helps the body in the future, as long as the body can overcome it. Because once recovered, the immune system will recognise the illness in the future and be able to recall how it overcame it in the past. And in the process of getting better, it could be feasible for the body to rid some other nasties lurking. 
The main valuable thing that I saw in his mindset, is the positivity it will bring when you do get ill, because we all know how easy it is to become negative when you're ill. Then, if you become down in the dumps, it'll only slow the process of getting better. In your mind, it's much better to be upbeat and not self-pitying, similar to what you'd be like normally. You also might have to accept that you're not going to be working at 100% capacity and that's OK, don't be angry at yourself, it's not going to help. Trust me, I've done it plenty of times. 

So while I'll still hold my vision of where my immune system can be, it's a mentality that I will incorporate into my life, especially the positive mindset when ill. But that's not to say you can now eat rubbish, get no sleep and then feel happy about being ill because your body is 'cleansing' ;) 

This was just a thought for you to ponder, have a good day!

*When I use illness here, I generally mean a day to day cold, fever etc.