Welcome to my blog. I make a lot of smoothies and I take a lot of photos. I'm on a constant journey of self-improvement.


Do you ever feel like you've strayed from your path? That you've fallen off the wagon slightly? Maybe your diet was going really well, until you had a bad day, and then another, and another, and suddenly, you've had a bad month. You've no idea where the time went. But there's one thing that you do know, that it's definitely not making you feel good. It doesn't make you hold your head up high, or feel that you can accomplish anything. In fact, it makes you feel the complete opposite. You feel inadequate and lazy.
Darlin' don't despair, there can be plenty of good to come out of these experiences. Not only can you learn how to hop on and off the wagon with grace but it will also help you find your hunger again. I'm not talking about your hunger for the next burger and chips, I'm talking about your hunger for self-improvement, your hunger to be a better person. 
As I'm writing this, I'm actually in a position where I can relate and for whatever reason or another, I'm slightly off my wagon. But I'm pumped to get back up, to sprint after that wagon, to grab the side and haul myself on, I know that I'll be tired during the sprint, that it'll be hard to finally pull myself up, but I know that I can do it, just like I know that you can do it with me. 
Since you're still reading this, you must have recognised that you have fallen off the wagon slightly, or maybe you just feel like you need your wagon to go a little faster, either way, you know that you're ready to up your game. So that's step one complete, go ahead and tick that off the list. 
While I know the next bit is going to sound a bit wishy washy but I think the next thing to do is to accept and feel alright with the fact that you've strayed away from the path slightly. Stop beating yourself up over it, know that today is a new day and that you're not going to change yesterday anytime soon, but you can certainly change right now. By feeling down about yourself and focusing on the past, it'll lead to more of the same behaviour. Instead, focus on what you can be, and focus on the beauty of having a fresh chance every day. 
Now that we've got all the emotiofeely stuff out of the way, let's get to the action. There's no need to go crazy and suddenly start a regime where you work 22 hours a day and only drink water and eat apples. It's much better to have a bit of willpower and just find your groove again. For example, say you've really been eating badly and not working out recently, rather than going on a 'cleanse', it may be a much better idea to take things at a time, concentrate on your eating first, say no to fast food, just head to the kitchen and cook something tasty and healthy. Then once you've found your good ol' eating habits, then do the same with the workouts. The main thing is to stop saying 'tomorrow' and start now.
After rekindling your old habits, the last push is only to be consistent. Rinse and repeat the good things you did yesterday. Keep cooking your meals, keep doing your workouts, keep Facebook closed when you're trying to work etc. While you should be consistent, there's still no need to go mad and not allow yourself anything. Throw yourself a bone now and again, live the saying 'You are what you do most of the time', a few variations now and again won't hurt you. As long as your honest to yourself, then you'll be just fine. 
These tips are a bit vague, the main thing I can say is to love yourself, use your your mind, and remember that you're the one in control. Personally, I'll be getting back on my wagon by eating very clean for a week, mostly plant based, then I'll be able to re-establish my routine. I'll be also adding in an extra evening, full body workout every night. Along with training for more long distance running. It's not only my health related wagon that I want to get back onto, it's also my activities, I'll be writing most days, instagramming everyday and working on another project (which I will come out with at some point soon), along with a few other responsibilities that I have to fulfil. 

Less about me and what I'll do. What are you going to do? What do you want to do? Take a minute to think about it, and then start. There's no time like the present, I don't care if you ate a whole pack of doughnuts just 10 minutes ago. You can still start now, start today. Get up, and go out and get it!